LKS 1102 SE
The series of submersible pumps have been designed to pump impure water which contains no fiber. It’s usually used at home by manual or automatic way, and it’s also used to pump the liquid in the sewer, rainwater,... As its compact shape and well operability, the electric pump could be used for gardening or in other normal condition as a portable suction pump. Never use this kind of electric pump in a swimming pool, a pond or a tank where is quite crowded or somewhere exists dangerous hydrocarbon (petrol, diesel, fuel oil, solvent and so on) which might cause accident. There's pressure sensor and flow sensor with pump, can automatically control the pump start and stop. 1). Dry-running protection: Pump started after power on with 3s , if there is no water, the pump priming trials of 30s with pauses of 5S, if there is still no water, the pump priming trials of 20s with pauses of 5S, after 3 cycles, the pump stops. After 1h the pump trying to prime again, if also this trial fails, there will be 5h pause, afterwards, if lack of water persists, the pump will try to prime every 24h until it has picked up a prime. Normal operation: If during the pump operation , the water supply shut off, the pump will stop after 10s; When re-open the water supply valve, the pump starts when pressure drops below 2.5 bar.