Application: - Suitable for transferring liquids of low viscosity, non-stop inflammable and non-explosive, not containing solid particles or fibers - Water supply & drainage for high-rise buildings, filtration and transfer at waterworks, pressure boosting in main pipe - Washing and cleaning systems, boiler feeding, cooling water circulation, water treatment systems, auxiliary system, support equipment - Ultra-filtration systems, reverse-osmosis systems, distillation systems, separators, swimming pools - Agricultural irrigation: sprinkler irrigation, drip-feed irrigation - Food & beverage industry - Fire-fighting system Operating Conditions: - Low viscosity, non-inflammable and non-explosive liquids not containing solid particles or fibers. The liquids must not chemically attack the pump materials. When pumping liquids with a density or viscosity is higher than that of water, a motor with a higher output power rating shall be used. - Liquid temperature: -20°C~+120°C - Flow ranges: 0.7-240m³/h - Liquid pH value: 4 - 10 - Max. ambient temperature: +40°C - Max. operation pressure: 33 bar - Altitude: up to 1000 m Motor: - IE 2 motor (IE 3 motor optional) - Totally enclosed & fan-cooled - Protection class: IP55 - Standard voltage: 50Hz 1 x 220V / 3 x 380V