LPS solar
Pump: - Made of 100% stainless steel AISI 304 - Single shaft and impeller design removing any imbalance - Minimal pump vibration and noise - Long service lifetime of the motor Motor: - Made of 100% stainless steel AISI 314 - Double outer and inner shielding structure - Internal coil made from high-temperature tolerant, copper wire - Effeciently protecting the motor under high-temperature environment - Extended motor's service lifetime. - Water-filling lubricated rotor with top and bottom graphite-made bearing and thrust bearing made with high precision - Co-axial rotation effeciently reduces motor's vibration and noise and extend its service lifetime. - Built-in, integrated Variable Frequency Converter with intelligent-speed control algorithm with a maximum speed 6000 RPM. Built-in intelligent controller: The intelligent controller designed for 4SP(S) pump, offers high flexibility towards power supply source and range. - Can be powered with either DC or AC voltage - MPPT & DSP technology - Intelligent parameter detection - Soft start running - Long system's lifetime. Main protection functions: - Dry-running protection - Over-current protection - Over-voltage protectiom - Overload protection - Phase loss protection