Application - Can be used to transfer clean water or other liquids simílar to water ín physical and chemical properties - Heating systems with constant or variable flows - Heating systems with variable flow-pipe temperature - Heating systems where night setback is desired - Heating systems where the differential pressure of the pump is too high during periods of reduced flow demand - Heating systems where requires a fully automatic adjustment of the performance to flow demands - Pressure boosting of water heaters - Circulation and pressure boosting of domestic water Pump: - Compact design with perfect integrated control unit - Anti-rust cast iron pump body - Noryl impeller with heat resistant up to 1 50°C - 99% alumina ceramic shaft - Liquid temperature: 2°C to 110°C Motor - Insulation class: H - Protection class: 1P42 - 99% alumina ceramic bearing - Copper winding - Power /frequency(V/Hz): 220-240/50 - EEI: 0.23, which complíes with the Eup Directive