WC 560A / 600A
Application: - The lifting station is suitable for pumping of wastewater off places in private dwellings and basements where wastewater cannot be led directly to the sewer by means of a natural downward slope. - It is typically used for: - Renovation of offices or other commercial buildings - Wall-mounted toilets in basements below sewer level - Washing machines & dish washers - Toilets, wash basins, bathtubs and cabinet showers in the bathrooms where the location may be remote from the main soil pipe so that a natural slope cannot be established Features: - Compact and slim for easy installation - Automatic start and stop - Top quality air switch and carbon filter from Germany - Circuit board with time delay function and low voltage protection - Low noise - New blade and support with better cutting performance - Suitable for sewage water containing toilet paper and faeces with cutting blade Operating Conditions: - Max. liquid temperature: 50°C - Max. ambient temperature: 35°C - PH value: 4 - 10 - The pump must not be used for strong chemicals or solvents